Latin America in sight…

After a week of at least three going-away “get-togethers” (euphemisms in full force here); consequently FEW hours of sleep; the tension, excitement, and nervousness of leaving so much and so many behind; 24 hours of driving; and a night in the city of Jazz, Blues, and God knows much more; we are finally within 20 minutes of the Mexican border.

Our planning going in could be better but as expected, people along the way help shape these kinds of voyages and sure enough, our path towards Mexico City has taken form within the past hour or so. After an introductory mexican dish of chicken with Mole (as authentic as they get with chocolate, three types of chilies, and who knows what else) at my uncles’ (Lilly and Diego) home, it is now 1:30 AM. Our last load of laundry in the US is almost done, and in four hours or so we will once again put our bags in the trunk of Chuleta (our trusty ’92 Honda) to now head into less familiar territory. More excited than ever, all of us four (Juan Quiros came along for the initial drive) can hardly wait…

This weekend 16 friends from Daytona fly in to Mexico City to be there with us during our first weekend in Latin America. Along with those already waiting for us there, it’s bound to be an interesting few days. Surely more will follow…

Until then, suerte la gente, faites des beaux reves, et ci sentiamo dopo!


~ by giraldos on February 4, 2009.

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