…and the voyage continues in full force! More updates coming soon!

The streets of our new hometown: Oaxaca

The streets of our new hometown: Oaxaca

Hello everyone! Yes, I know, updates have been long overdue. After almost four weeks since our departure, I really haven’t had much time to update anyone on our progress. And yet, so much has happened that now my fear is making one large post that may be too long to keep your attention. To keep things interesting (or at least more so) I’ll try to split things up a bit just as it would have been if I’d been able to keep this thing up to date on a regular basis. Sorry, there’s just so much that has been going on combined with such limited internet access and a bit of instability (until we finally got an appartment last week – more on that soon) that it’s been tough to move on to updating the website.

So, be on the lookout for some postings, pictures, etc. soon. By the way, I have posted a good deal of pictures already to my Picasa web albums in case you’re interested. I’ll add the stories soon enough! For now, know that we are in Oaxaca, our first project has started great with Puente, and we are loving this city – even better than we could have imagined.

Hope everyone is doing well wherever they may be and we’ll keep in touch soon!


~ by giraldos on February 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “…and the voyage continues in full force! More updates coming soon!”

  1. nice pictures… can’t wait for the postings

    • Slowly but surely Thomas! Ca va sinon toi? Tu nous manques enormement. Faut que tu t’organises bien pour venir nous rejoindre comme t’avais promis (en tout cas je crois que tu nous a promis! heh heh). a+!

  2. Querido Santi, un abrazo a ti y tus companeros. Los mejores deseos para que todo les salga de maravilla. Me alegra saber que llegaron bien a Mexico. Que esta jornada y las que siguen vengan cargadas de buena energia y productividad.

    Un abrazo!

  3. Hablas la lengue portugesa tambien? No entiendo la lengua en #2. Las fotografias son muy bonitas. Yo se los sitios, Chapultepec, los piradides, la universidad. Muchos recuerdoa (Corecto?.

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