Website updated – finally! On our way to Cusco and Patagonia…

Pabsan AntiguaI guess I never really adopted the true concept of blogs. Personal web pages more often than not designed to keep others informed – on a somewhat regular basis – of what you are doing or about a specific topic or endeavor. Well, after almost 8 months, 13 countries, 6 humanitarian projects directly and indirectly impacting more than 7,000 impoverished citizens of latin america, and God knows how many thousands of driven miles from Key West to Peru (where we currently are), I would say ours certainly fits the bill for an “endeavor”. Santi Hierve el AguaThis blog, however, hasn’t exactly been reflecting much of it as any of you even remotely trying to follow it (at least at the beginning) can confirm. In fact the last time I published an update, I can remember perfectly the burning candles around a simple table in our Oaxaca, Mexico home where our adventure was slowly coming to life. Our first project had just started and despite our group being reduced to just two of us – Pablo and myself – which was something that hit me personally quite hard, we knew we had a long way ahead of us. And long it has been. And indescribably fulfilling. And Pablo Calakmulabsolutely unpredictable. And quite simply, amazing.

Admittedly it has been a challenge to keep this blog up to date. My time has been divided between the projects, driving the continent, experiencing the places we travel to and absorbing their people’s culture as much as possible, taking pictures to record it all, tending to my professional responsibilities with ERAU, communicating with friends and family, and sleeping (sometimes). However, the past few days have given me the opportunity to have a bit of free time in airports, hotels, and other environments that I took advantage of to update the entire website, photo albums, our path, etc. I keep telling myself that now I’ll be more consistent with keeping in touch through blog postings (the photo albums were always there and updated somewhat regularly), but given my past, I can’t promise much Pablo FANin the future: I will say this: I’ll try harder than before.

For now, however, please feel free to explore the updates that were made and to make things easy for you – and being true to my engineering pragmatism(yes, even in these sometimes random times and unpredictable nature of our adventure, some order to the chaos still exists) – I’ll make a quick list of what exactly is new:

Santi bailando con chicos FAN– All pages including the home page, all pages humanitarian projects we have completed, the transportation page, and contact page have been re-done; they all now include not only more information on their respective topic, but media including both pictures and video
– The path we have driven has been updated with every single important location we have visited during our trip along with links to corresponding photo albums, videos, etc. The driving paths taken in every single major road trip have been highlighted and all placemarks have descriptions. Don’t miss the volcanoes, parks, border crossings, and major project locations. I personally recommend that you view the map on Google Maps instead of our blog so that you can see the entire list of locations in the order we visited them.

Chule Bakalar– Want to see our car, Chuleta, in action? The transportation section has that and a link to pictures of the different means of transportation we have taken so far (not all-inclusive, unfortunately; some are likely missing)

–  A uTube channel has been created to host all videos made during the trip

Pabsan Pacaya– A media section has been added with links to the Picasa Photo Albums, uTube channel, and more

With that I’ll finish this post in the hopes that future ones will come on a more regular basis. I guess that’s up to me, right? Well, again, I’ll try. In the meantime, thank you so much to all who have been following our adventure one way or another. I have absolutely no clue how many e-mails I have written to how many of you since the start of this journey – all of which have helped immensely to keep me going along the way. Needless to say, keep them coming.

Chica y tel AmigoOk everyone, from Lima, Peru and on our way to see the Nazca lines and Cusco by the weekend, I’ll say goodbye for now wishing everyone always nothing but the best. Keep your e-mails, comments, and other communications coming! Oh and if you have suggestions for travelling through Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and/or Brazil as well as for projects in Argentina or Brazil, they will be greatly welcome.

We are a little over half-way into our adventure – we’ll see what the second half has in store for us…


~ by giraldos on September 23, 2009.

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