About us

Pabsan AntiguaWe briefly met in 2001 completely unaware of how connected our lives would one day be. After a period of little contact, we eventually found ourselves under the same roof sharing our lives and unforgettable experiences – through thick and thin – together. Eventually our once-distant dream to go back to Latin America and explore our continent surfaced as something we all wanted to pursue. Faster than we ourselves imagined, this desire very quickly became more than just a hope and after a few dinner-table conversations, it became our mission. This mission evolved during the months that came until our objectives of discovering our continent and ourselves gave way to doing so not only through travel, but, perhaps more importantly, through playing a direct and contributing role in humanitarian organizations throughout Latin America.

Today, our common goals and dreams related to Path for Hope and well beyond have solidified our friendship even further. We know the challenges that face us today and throughout the voyage are tough,  but our determination to overcome them are tougher still. We look forward to continue sharing our lives not only amongst ourselves but also with those we meet along the way as we try to make a dent in their communities and a surely huge impact in our lives.

For more information about us, please visit our individual profile pages:

Pablo Mino
Santiago Giraldo


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