The Path

Camino Ciudad de las Nubes - ColombiaIn these kinds of voyages, it is impossible to trace the exact path traveled ahead of time, especially when destination priorities and interests can change as they likely will throughout the time on the road. Below you will find a map detailing where we have been including pictures, videos, and other media, which should be updated along the way as time permits.

Please make sure to click on the placemarks and trails (approximate driving paths taken) to get descriptions and media (if available) for the given location and/or trail. If you would like to see the entire map on Google Maps that includes a list of all locations in the order in which we visit them, you may also click here (seperate page will open).

We welcome your suggestions as well as your advice and information so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Map Key:

Red placemarks – Project location/Home away from home
Green placemarks – Stops/visits with friends and/or family
Blue placemarks – General stops along the way


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