A Journey Begins…

Cruzando de panama a ColombiaPabsan Marineros

The child of two young dreamers – Pablo, and Santi – wishing to go back to their roots in Latin America while doing their best to help improve its communities; hours of work and preparations; and a strong determination to push forward despite all obstacles along the way, Path for Change was born.

Path for Change is not an organization – it’s a “Cause on Wheels” that seeks to carve a driven path from Florida, USA to the Patagonia in Southern Argentina throughout which we will seek to volunteer our time, talents, resources, and experience to help improve a series of carefully chosen not-for-profit organizations throughout Central and South America. Ultimately, our goal is to help them in bringing about positive change that will improve the lives of the communities they serve.

Volcan Pacaya - GuatemalaThe journey and its inherent list of unknowns are long. If the challenges preparing for this 14 to 18-month voyage were considerable, those that will come along the way will undoubtedly be even more so. Still, however lofty the goals we have set for ourselves are, we have no doubt that thanks to the powerful friendship that binds us, our friends and family that supports us, and the untold number of people along the way that will surely help us, we will be able to meet them.

Ninos FAN - MedellinThank you for following our tracks in this exciting journey. For more information, feel free to explore the pages and links we have and will be creating. Within you’ll find information about each of us, our projects, our path, pictures, thoughts, ideas, and more. Most pictures of the trip will be posted on Santi’s Picasa Web Albums too so take a look at those as well. Keep well in mind, however,  that this is not meant to be a finished product but a work in constant progress. As such it will be shaped by our experiences, those of the people we encounter along the way, and your own input. We encourage you to also subscribe to the RSS feed so that you can keep up to date on our journey.

Chicos Corazon de los NinosSo, dear reader, read on and if you’d like, contribute by writing your mind through your comments to help shape this path that is already much bigger than ourselves. By the way, if you have any ideas, projects, contacts, or anything that may help us help communities in Latin America, please contact us and we’ll look for ways to collaborate throughout and beyond our journey.

17 Responses to “A Journey Begins…”

  1. Sounds about as epic as they get. If everyone had that kind of drive and curiosity the world would be a much better place. Best of luck to the three of you! Keep us posted…
    Un gran abrazo,

  2. that’s great. it will be a jurney that will change your lives forever.
    good luck

  3. Sanit, As you may or may not know, my paternal grandparents were Mexican and we have an adopted girl from Mexico. I am grateful for your work through Latin America, and am a bit envious! My prayers and postitive thoughts go with you and your friends.

  4. An astounding project, which I’m sure will have far-reaching benefits for you three as well as for the communities you visit.
    Best of luck in your adventure.

    Buon viaggio!

  5. Giri!!!
    Mucha suerte en tu viaje. Estaré pendiente de todos los updates. Un abrazo y por acá te espero.

  6. Santi… Pablo… Nancy… it’s your couchsurfing chum Michael Sterns from Tampa. I am overwhelmed with pride and honor to know you three adventurers and philanthropists! I wish I was going with you!

    May your travels be filled with rewarding experiences, beautiful scenery, kind interactions and blessings. This is such a wonderful thing you’re doing! I’m so happy for and proud of you.

    Much love… Michael

  7. thats great I hope everything goes well. I’m from Medellin,Colombia. I moved to Miami few years ago then I joined the Marine Corps,I was stationed in Japan for 3 Years. now I’m stationed in Sandiego but Im currently deployed to Iraq. I can’t wait to visit my family in Medellin.perphaps you can say hi for me. that all from me right now, hopelly we can share more. S/F

  8. Nancy,
    Good luck on your journey. I’m sure you will improve the world wherever you go.

  9. Santi hermano!! Que hermoso proyecto, te envidio. Que les vaya muy bien, estare pendiente de todo. Un abrazo muy sincero y como siempre te deseo lo mejor.

  10. Hola Santi y tus amigos!
    Les deseo un muy buen viaje!! Me encanta también Sudamerica, pasé muy lindos 3 anios ahí y estoy seguro que van a hacer expericiencias extraordinarias y conocer mucha mucha mucha gente!! Les agrego a mi feedreader para viajar un poco con Uds!
    Mucha suerte y exito!!

  11. Hey Santi tu vois tu me mank deja! Tu peux pas t’imaginer a kel point je suis fier de toi! u guys are up to somethingn huge so i wish you all the best! je vous embrasse super fort! et c pas un adieux c juste un aurevoir non?!!

  12. I know you can make a difference, Santi! I’ll follow your trip day by day, until you end this adventure to start a new one.
    I’m proud of you three … miss you tons, HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!

    • Grazie Gian! Come vai tu? Qua tutto a postissimo per fortuna! Un baccio ed un abbraccio enorme a te ed a Mimi (e come sempre a tutta la tua famiglia)

  13. Miles de ¨buenas ondas¨ para estos tres amigos que comienzan una preciosa aventura. Estoy ¨viajando¨ con ustedes, aprovechen cada metro del camino en aprender algo, en conocer gente, llenen sus vidas con la vida de América Latina. El asado en alguna playa sobre el Atlántico de la costa de Uruguay los estará esperando. Abrazo grande, muuuuuy grande para los tres viajeros.
    el javi.

  14. Good luck on your journey Pablo, Nancy and Santi. Keep us posted on your progress!

  15. Santi te deseo muchisima suerte. Q su vision no sea tronchada por otros q busquen meterse en sus caminos. Cuidate.

  16. How’s it going guys? Hope that you’re finding what you were looking for. I went to the “Primer encuentro contra la impunidad” here on the weekend in Chiapas. The projects with “Las Abejas” are moving along slowly. It makes me realise how ambitious your task is! All the best!

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